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Membership with the Reading Chamber of Commerce is a great investment for the growth of your business. You become connected with the community and local businesses, and join forces with an organization that has your interests in mind.

Member benefits include:
  1. Networking opportunities: Participate in Chamber activities committee meetings, after-hours events, and our annual Awards Banquet and familiarize our members with your business.
  2. Advertising Opportunities: Through the Chamber you may choose to put your name out to the community through event sponsorships, ads on our Website.
  3. Committees of Interest: Chamber members may choose to lend their skills to a committee or two that puts their talents to use.
  4. Educational Opportunities: Stay informed on timely topics by attending Chamber sponsored events and committee meetings.
  5. Web Site Link Availability: Prior to moving, many people consult the Chamber of Commerce. Make your business familiar to future, as well as current residents by linking to the Chamber Web Site.
  6. Strength in Numbers: In becoming a member of the Chamber, you are not only a part of the collective body, but an integral piece of the community. You have a voice in the situations surrounding your business needs. When many voices are raised and many people work together in community affairs, much is achieved. Working together works for you!
You may be interested to know that according to a 2012 study conducted by the Schapiro Group , 49% of consumers were more likely to think favorably of a local business if it was a member of the local Chamber— and 80% were more likely to purchase a product or service from a Chamber member.
Not a member? Join the Reading Chamber today! Membership dues can be paid by online via PayPal, credit card or check; or you can print off the Membership Form and send in your payment by mail.

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